The 5 Realms

Many of the known peoples of Maezhiir have withdrawn to the lands of their own origin. Yet,
the regions kept
by the Maeshiiri have held and
can be divided in
to *five kingdoms.


*Endwiirld, to the north and The Lost Kingdom
of Domaa have been given
over to the histories.
These are mere remnants of once great civilizations and are now not capable
of sustaining life.

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The Planet

Roughly 8.7 billion
years old,
the world
gets its name
from an ancient
Stovaakyz word
meaning - Conquest.



*Most commonly referred to as Maezhiir



is the main

body of
land with a

continent called
The Lost Kingdom of

Domaa to the southeast.


There were once four prevailing cultures in the world:

These civilizations had learned to live in a relative peace for well over a hundred generations. But for reasons too numerous to explain here, the sudden disappearance of the Stovaaks has led to tensions
that have threatened the old treaties.





The Dying Maeshiiri

Likewise, from the dawn of the 8th History, the numbers of Maeshiiri (Mankind) inhabiting the land has seen a sharp decline.


Eras of the 8th History:

The Great War

The War of Ages

The Conclave

Time of the Pyrim

Population:      = 100 Million Maeshiiri


The wilds of Maezhiir is host to many exotic life forms. Every kind of creature that crawls, runs, slithers or swoops through the air calls this world
their home..

The City of Igh’ Ator

The Desert Dys

The Ridge of Kings

- Locked -

The Hyndlins

- Locked -

The Barronz

- Locked -

Of Faith and Magik

The arcane arts of Magik were outlawed nearly

a thousand years ago. The gods soon followed.

The ordinance, held strictly in place by The Pyrim, forbade the use of totems, prayers, casts, tomes, runes or relics of any kind. But was it enough?

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